Gabriela Handal

Shaved: Men shave their face, women shave their legs, men shave their crotch, balls, women shave their pussy, skin heads shave their head. When you shave, it’s just skin what’s left, you use that hand held thing, that looks like a “T”, you put shaving cream or soap and you SHAVE.

Buzzed: Army guys get crew cuts, G.I. Jane buzzed her hair off, Sinead O’Connor had a buzzed head, guys buzz their beard to trim it. There is still hair, although very very short. You take that machine that you plug in, it buzzes in your hand, hair falls on your arms, chest and then it’s itchy as all shit until you wash it off.

I guess I’m being anal, but I don’t give a flying scrotum. I’m getting TIRED of people saying “shaved” when they mean “buzzed”, I want you all that make that mistake to know I want to slap you upside your head, you stupid fucking son of a bitch.